La Maison Slow Tourisme by Erick Schreiber


Our story


Our philosophy

The La Maison de Champagne SCHREIBER team is dedicated to highlighting the champagne house’s history and protecting the environment.

It was Erick Schreiber’s closeness to nature that allowed him to develop his powers of observation and his understanding of the living world. An observer but also a researcher!

Keenly aware of the need to find balance and harmony in his vineyard and in his champagnes, he forces himself to constantly question his work to ensure that is aligned with the realities of the living world. This approach results in rich, balanced champagnes packed with personality.

It is with this beautiful region, this living heritage, their expertise and values worth sharing that Maison Schreiber continues to cultivate and disseminate their passion for champagne today.

Biodynamic agriculture

Champagne vines are subject to two contrasting forces: one that comes from the centre of the planet, and the other that comes from the sun and stars.

The aim of biodynamic agriculture is to bring plants into a dynamic relationship with the soil, nourish the vines with light and warmth to harness the power of the sun and create harmony between the plants and the cosmos.

Biodynamic agriculture allows growers to preserve the soil and its fertility while protecting local animal and plant species. You can taste these advantages in the champagne as it has a greater purity, more character, greater precision and increased aromatic complexity.

Biodynamic agriculture brings a greater freshness, minerality and verticality to Schreiber champagnes. It gives the champagne more depth and is a perfect expression of the region that it was grown in.


The Flower Garden

Maison Schreiber proposes a relaxing and immersive experience amidst the multitude of colours and enchanting smells in the Flower Garden.

Follow the sensory trail and discover beautifully scented plants and flowers and intimate spots to sit down and enjoy a glass of champagne.

It is the perfect place to take a break, relax and savour your experience. A place where time stands still and where you can really appreciate the present moment.

Outside Bar Area

The team has set up a central space where you can enjoy outside tastings (weather permitting of course) and take part in a range of themed events that focus on champagne, biodynamic agriculture and that highlight the local area.

The space has been specially designed to encourage discussions, meetings and conviviality. The stunning setting combines rustic charm, with its walls that are reminiscent of the houses in the village, with a more modern and refined feel.

Impregnated with history, it is the perfect place to absorb the atmosphere of the village and fully immerse yourself in the world of biodynamic agriculture which is at the heart of Maison Schreiber.


You are cordially invited…

The orchard, which is just next to the Flower Garden, is the perfect spot to unwind with a picnic or enjoy a siesta beneath the shade of the trees. A hidden door at the bottom of the orchard opens onto a walk through the countryside along the banks of the River Seine.

It is in this relaxing atmosphere that Maison Schreiber offers meditation sessions in summer*, tastings of herbal teas made with plants from the garden and the option to sleep in the room* reserved for clients.

For rainy days, a small and intimate salon, located upstairs in the estate house, continues this immersion into the world of Maison Schreiber with a visit to the temporary exhibition and information about the champagne house’s heritage. On the ground floor, high-quality local products are available for sale and are displayed in a small cabinet.

The team also shares their top tips for visits and local walks for any visitors that want to continue their journey in the region.

Drawing energy from the Earth

My years of research in viticulture and biodynamic agriculture led me to discover geobiology.

I trained in this area for over a year and set out to try to understand and experiment with the energetic currents of the Earth and their influences on all living things.

As I was determined to improve the quality of my champagnes and strengthen my vines, in 2014 I decided to erect three standing stones in one of my vineyards.

The aim of this was to reduce the negative effects of water currents and to increase their vibratory rate.